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Call Of Duty Mods

L321 are currently offering five “Call of Duty” packages for Xbox and PlayStation which enable you to obtain the highest rank/levels within the game. You can also benefit by being able to unlock all unlock-able features within the game including all gun and camos

Our “Call of Duty” Packages also allow you to do the impossible……. never be killed within the game by making sure you are invincible. There is so much more available within the packages but far too much to list here!

Please continue to browse the L321 Mods site and take a look at all of our “Call of Duty” packages below we know you would not be disappointed. 

Select one of our “Call of Duty Mod” packages by clicking on the thumbnails below:

call of duty black ops 2 elite package
call of duty modern warfare 3 elite package
call of duty modern warfare 2 elite package
call of duty black ops 3 elite package
call of duty black ops elite package
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Grand Theft Auto 5 Mods

Our GTA 5 mod packages consist of a mod menu package and account recovery services for Xbox and PC.

The GTA 5 annihilation mod menu package allows you to do the impossible, offering you the player

  • Godmode (Never die in the game)
  • Spawn cars
  • Give your friends in game cash
  • Exploding gun bullets
  • Flying cars

There are so much more benefit we could list!

The other GTA 5 mod packages allow you to choose the following

  • Rank (Chose the level you’d like)
  • Millions of in game cash to buy cars, houses etc,
  • The ability to unlock everything
  • Maxed stats (Your in game stats go through the roof)
  • 0% ban rate (Never be banned and enjoy you game)

Go straight to our “GTA 5” packages by clicking on one of the thumbnails below:

grand theft auto online annihalation mod pack
mod packages
grand theft auto online kingpin mod pack
mod packages
grand theft auto online platinum mod pack
mod packages
grand theft auto online gold money pack
mod packages
grand theft auto online silver money pack
mod packages
grand theft auto online ultimate package
mod packages


Thank you for showing interest in our modded Xbox 360 consoles.

L321 professionally modify Xbox 360 “Phat” and “Slim” consoles for the gaming community. We offer consoles which allow game players to do things that the normal retail console owner cannot do!

A professionally modded Xbox 360 will open up access to 1000’s of previously unavailable games and retro games from Sega, Nintendo and Microsoft Xbox One. You will also have the ability to play previously “Locked” games and play games from any worldwide region.

With a modded Xbox 360 your games collection can be kept in pristine condition. Games can be loaded directly onto the consoles hard drive which allows you to play the game without an original disk. You will never have to use your disk again and can build yourself a valuable collection of mint condition games.  

You have the ability with a modded Xbox 360, to modify and cheat on many games such as Call of Duty/GTA 5 and many, many more. The “free” and “for sale” modification software can open up hundreds of options and features to enhance your gameplay. Check out our free downloads page here.

With the pre-loaded “Freestyle Custom Dash” software you can create your own personal custom dashboard, home screen and with the offer of next level customisations this for you is only the beginning!

L321 also offer for free, tutorial videos to help you get the best from your modded console and offer a full range of customised Xboxes to suit everyone’s budget from a basic “Console only” to high specification “Limited Edition” consoles. Take a look at the full range and full specifications of each console and what they can do by clicking on the links below:

xbox phat
Go to Xbox 360 Phat
xbox slim
Go to Xbox 360 Slim
rgh key vaults
Go to Key Vaults
xbox accessories
Go to Xbox Accessories