GTA 5 Annihilation Tutorial

What is the GTA 5 Annihilation Mod Menu?

The annihilation mod menu is for GTA 5 online/single player on a PC.

This mod menu has been released for a number of months now and is set to be the best GTA 5 mod menu to ever be released. It has a multitude of incredible features and has a very low ban rate!

To purchase GTA5 Annihilation just click on the icon below:

GTA 5 Annihilation mod menu set up guide:

After purchase please follow this tutorial and it will guide you through the set up process and get you set up in less than 10 minutes.

Within 2 minutes of purchase you will receive a confirmation of order e-mail from L321 like this one:

It is essential that you take note of the user name and password you have been given as shown above in the body of the e-mail you receive. You will need this to log in to the tool as described below.

You will also receive a link to the mod too within the body of the e-mail you can download the tool direct from the link and follow the instructions below.

What is the mod tool?

The mod tool is a small programme which will allow you to inject the GTA5 Annihilation mod menu into your GTA 5 game in a matter of seconds. You will need to purchase the product to receive your login details (username & password) to login and use the mod menu tool.

Once purchased you can download you mod menu tool here:

Download the mod tool here!

How do I install the mod tool?

Click on the thumbnail above and it will automatically download the software to the mod tool called Annihilation installer.

Once downloaded double click the file called Annihilation Installer and it will begin to install the mod tool on your computer. The tool will then guide you through the process which will take just a few minutes for the tool has been installed.

Once the download has been completed you will now see a file named D3sktool.exe on your desktop or wherever you have chosen to have the tool installed, please double click the programme. You will be asked to enter your username and password once the D3sktool.exe has been opened.

Simply enter the login details you have been given in the confirmation order email you received after purchase (example above) and proceed to login to the tool.

How to enable the mod menu on GTA 5:

Keep the mod tool running and start up GTA 5, go into story mode (single player) and now minimise GTA 5 and go back onto the tool. Click 'inject' on the tool and wait for a green tick, now the mod menu is loaded into the game. You can now go into online/singe player mode and open the menu, the controls are down below.

More useful information

Once you've logged into the mod tool once, you shouldn't need to again however, it's always good to keep your username and password somewhere safe. Every time you want to use mods on GTA 5 you will be required to open up this mod tool and inject the mod menu, the mod menu will not be enabled without doing so.

De-activation of your antivirus

The download to the software tool may be detected as a false positive virus, this is particularly common with mod files and you may need to de-activate your anti-virus when using the software.

Can I load this onto another PC?

You can only use this mod menu/tool on one computer; once you login to the tool it will be locked to that PC to stop illegal piracy.


Xbox Controller


PlayStation Controller


PC Keyboard


Fatal error unauthorized error message?

If you are receiving this message please follow the steps below to resolve the issue

Firstly ensure that you are using the PC on which the menu was uploaded onto originally. Our software once downloaded is locked to the original PC and cannot be used or uploaded to any other PC.

The second step is to make sure that the Annihilation folder is in your directory. You may also need to make sure that your antivirus is disabled. If you own MacAfee or Trend antivirus they cannot be switched off and must be uninstalled to load the GTA5 Annihilation mod to your PC

Menu Guide

If this is your first time using the menu, please refer to the guild below.

You are seeing this error because you either failed to select your gta directory properly, or you did not input your login information correctly.

If you own GTA on steam and see this error

Open the menu launcher and go to


When you run the launcher again, it will ask you to select your GTA directory, this is the folder in which your GTA game is installed.

For steam, you can locate it by going to

>program files
>Grand Theft Auto V

Click okay once that folder is selected and input your login information CORRECTLY.

This will resolve the issue and the menu will work, If you require further assistance contact staff, please do this before contacting us.

If you own GTA on Social Club

Open the Menu launcher


Open the launcher again and it will ask you to select your GTA directory, this is the location where your GTA game is installed.

You can select it properly by selecting:

>program files
>Rockstar Games
>Grand Theft Auto V

Once you have done this enters your login info correctly and it will resolve your Author error.