GTA 5 Annihilation Discontinued

Annihilation is dead and Anomalous has risen. We're pleased to announce that all of the annihilation users have been upgraded with a whole new mod menu called Anomalous!

Anomalous is a mod menu which has been in development now for many months and has so many more incredible features! Check out the full feature list here:

Because of the recent issues with the Annihilation mod menu, all current Annihilation users have now been transferred to Anomalous completely free of charge!

As you can see from the features of Anomalous this is a outstanding improvement on the Annihilation mod menu.

L321 will not be selling Anomalous, but will be promoting it on the developers behalf. L321's first video featuring anomalous will be on Saturday 6th July and will include a full setup tutorial.

Please note: only users who have purchased Annihilation would of been transferred to Anomalous, there is a text tutorial on how to use this new mod menu below and a video tutorial will be released on L321's youtube on Saturday the 6th of July.

Anomalous programme download:

1. Install the programme above

2. Open the programme and then run GTA 5

3. Once at the main menu click the inject button in the programme

4. Go back onto GTA 5 and go into story mode

5. You will be prompt to enter a username, enter the exact same username and password you were given for Annihilation (as it now works with Anomalous)

6. Enjoy!