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This is what you are considering purchasing:

Grand Theft Auto 5 Annihilation package for your PC

What you get and what this package delivers:

Once only purchase: Once purchase the Annihilation package is a lifetime product. No monthly or annual fees just purchase once and play without any financial restrictions.

Newbie friendly: This mod is very newbie friendly and easy to use from the get go! It takes no time to learn and enjoy.

A full mod menu: You get with the a fully accessible GTA 5 mod menu both on GTA 5 online & single player.

Mod and spawn any vehicle in the game: Annihilation allows you to spawn & mod any vehicle in the game.

Godmode: You can enable godmode which makes you invincible (never die)

No wanted level: You can enable and disable the cops at any time

Super jump: Get around the game quicker by super jumping to your targetsUnlimited ammunition: Take as many shots as you like with a totally unlimited supply of ammo.

Permanently off the radar: Enjoy the game in stealth mode and be permanently off the radar so you sneak up on other players.

Exploding bullets and fire bullets: Give yourself modded exploding/fire bullets which blow up vehicles in a single shot.

Car super fast boosts: Give your vehicle a modded super boost, drive at 200 MPH+Run and swim faster: Run and swim faster than the speed of light

Outfit Editor: You can change your characters clothes in the mod menu; add a dunce cap and more items!

Friend Recovery Options: Help your friends in the game offering them in game money (GTA 5 cash) by performing money drops. (100% undetected)

Protection against other modders: There would be no reason to have these mods if you couldn’t protect yourself against other modders. With this package you can do just that. Super low ban rate: There is very low ban rate, however you can still be banned if you decide to use other mod menus available (not ours) which may not be as safe as the product we provide.

Individual customisations: Customise the mod menu, mod tool and change the mod menu colours, icons, fonts and more!

Languages friendly: The mod tool is written in English, French, German, Spanish and many more languages.

How does the purchase process work?

Step one. Once this item has been purchased from our store/shop you will instantly receive an automated email. This will display your login information which will be required to login to the L321 mod tool. In the body of the email you will also get a link to our page on how to setup the product.

Step Two. We have provided a video and a written guide please take the time to read the instructions and watch the video

Step Three. A download link to the mod tool will be provided in the email, it can also be downloaded from the tutorial guide page.

This process has been produced and designed to be completely user friendly and will if the guide has been read and the video has been viewed only take 5-10 minutes to be fully setup!

Important information:

Before you purchase the “Annihilation” product we recommend you purchase our GTA 5 recovery service for instant money and custom rank. With those mod packages your money, rank and unlocks are modded and you're undetected. Oh and if you purchase this we even give you a discount! Click here to view our GTA 5 money/mod packages

This product requires you to own a copy of GTA 5 which can be purchased from anywhere which includes Steam, Amazon, eBay and more! Your GTA 5 login info is not required for this purchased item.

Please be aware that this software can only be used on one PC/Computer as it's HWID locked meaning once you've logged into the software on your PC/Computer it will be locked to that system to stop piracy.

L321 Mods & its owners do not support or condone any form of game piracy. Our consoles and products are only intended for hobbyists and enthusiasts, for playing with legitimate backups (if you own a retail copy of the game)

Copyright Software products

All software products sold on the L321 Mods website, subpages and subsites have been created by external third parties who own the copyright of the product we sell and it’s coding. Therefore we will not accept that L321mods infringe other parties copyright on any of their products.

Before any software products go on sale, L321 Mods verifies that no product are in violation of copyright laws. All third party products involving coding is permitted by us to apply to works of code that are under external copyright; however no code within any products we sell are copyrighted.

In terms of our services, we buy and resell logins only for console providers that allow marketplace sale of personal logins. This applies to our Call of Duty & GTA 5 packages sold on the L321 Mods site.

L321 Mods & its owners do not support or condone any form of game piracy. Our consoles and products are only intended for hobbyists and enthusiasts, for playing with legitimate backups and only if you own a retail copy of the game.

L321 is in no way associated with or affiliated to Microsoft.com or any other gaming company. All Xbox, Xbox LIVE, PS4 or any other images used by us are trademarks of their respective owners.

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