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Dear Customer,

Before you send us a mail please take a look at our frequently asked questions section as I’m sure these answer 90% of questions we are asked repeatedly.

How long does the COD Packages/GTA 5 Modded Accounts take to arrive?

1-2 days.

Do we ship our Xbox RGH consoles anywhere?

Yes we do ship Worldwide.

How do you know we're legit?

Please refer to our Reviews page. You can also take a look at our social media and YouTube Channel as there are reviews on here also.

Can you pay with alternative methods of payment?

Yes, we can accept Google Pay, Direct Bank Wire Transfer and other payment methods.

I have bought a GTA 5/COD package, can I play in the meantime?

Yes you can but we need to access your Xbox to complete your sale. If we cannot access it could cause a delay in delivery of your new products.

I didn't buy GTA 5 on Steam; can I still get my account modded?

Yes just enter your social club info, type N/A under the Steam info.

Do we sell GTA 5 Xbox One modded accounts?

Not at this time, only for Xbox 360.

How long is delivery for RGH consoles?

We aim for 48hour in the UK and 7-14 days, can be faster or may take longer during holiday periods because of high postal demand.

Can a RGH console be banned?

Yes they can but they can instantly be unbanned by purchasing one of our RGH KV's, you can see a full tutorial on how to install them onto an Xbox in our tutorials section on this website HERE.

Can we mod your Xbox console and send it back to you?

No sadly not at this time but we are aiming to do this in the future.

Is it possible to get banned when purchasing the GTA 5 PC modded accounts?

No there is a 0% ban rate with this product.

My currency is different can I still pay?

You can select the currency you want our prices to be displayed in. The final payment will be paid in your currency.

Do games come with the Xbox RGH consoles?

No, games must be installed by you with a legitimate copy of the game; this is easy to do and doesn't break copyright/piracy laws you can see how to do this in our Tutorials section.

Can I pay using PayPal, Bitcoin or Giftcards?

Please check our methods of payments as your question should be answered.

Can you contact us via social media?

No, can you please contact us directly by email or use the form below. For reasons of your privacy we cannot discuss orders via social media

Do you still need help?

Please contact us by using the form provided below. Please give us as much detail as possible so we can fully answer your questions as quickly and concisely as possible.

Polite notice: We will not reply to questions that have already been answered above. Taking this action helps us to improve our customer service.